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Are you struggling to pay your debts?

A recent report shows that almost half of South Africans with Credit accounts are in arrears. Many people find themselves on the wrong side of debt collecting agencies, or worse, they apply for loans or further credit to pay off their existing debt only to find themselves in more debt. Get help today!

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Are you over-indebted?

On the 1st of June 2007 the Government legislated the National Credit Act to promote an effective, fair and accessible credit market and to help protect consumers from "reckless lending" and "over-indebtedness".

Do you need Debt Relief?

The National Credit Act introduced Debt Counsellors who have been trained to help and guide people with debt problems, to design debt repayment plans and negotiate agreements with creditors to enable people to afford their monthly debt obligations. This process is called Debt Review. The Act requires that consumers be referred for debt counselling before any legal action be taken against them for non-payment of debts.

Who can apply for Debt Counselling and Debt Review

There are no restrictions on who can use debt counselling - anyone from any income group and who owes any amount of debt can apply for debt counselling. A qualified Debt Counsellor will see if you meet the requirements and are "over-indebted" (a legal term which means you owe more than you can pay at the end of the month). Why not apply and see if you can be helped?

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