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We Review Your Debt

Debt Counselling South Africa now reaches out to your credit providers for you. We double check all the information about your debt and we formulate a plan that allows you to cover your monthly needs and still repay your credit providers in a reasonable time period.

A Realistic Repayment

Debt Counselling South Africa turns your proposals into a draft court order. The matter is set before your local Magistrates Court or the NCT. The Magistrate is able to use the suggestions of the Debt Counsellor to create a court order that changes your debt repayments to a better, more manageable figure each month.

About Debt Counselling South Africa

We have been practising debt counselling and offering debt review since all the way back in 2008, a year after the new National Credit Act (NCA) first came into existence.

We only offer debt counselling. Not mediation, not debt consolidation, no scams. We conduct a thorough debt review and propose a new, reasonable, manageable repayment plan via court for you. Proper debt counselling.

What Our Clients Say

Hundreds of thousands of South Africans have used the process to get their lives back on track and their finances under control


Home Executive

"When we hit a rough patch Debt Counselling South Africa provided the assistance we needed to get things back on track. Great Service"



Small Business Owner

"I was nervous at first about how the process might impact on my business. Debt Counselling South Africa helped keep the debt review confidential"



School Teacher

"It can be really hard to deal with debt, really stressful. I want to thank everyone at Debt Counselling South Africa for their excellent help"

How Debt Counselling & Debt Review Works

Important Information About How Debt Counselling Works

What Will It Cost?

It is important to know exactly what the process will costs you. Debt Counselling South Africa does not charge any upfront fees. We do not charge for providing information or a quotation. We are willing Read more…

How Long Will It Take?

Each person’s financial and debt situation is unique. This means that your plan may only take a few months or it may take a few years. Many plans these days are made over 60 months Read more…

When Can I Get New Credit?

After the debt review is over and once all your credit providers are paid up you will be able to access credit again as normal. During the debt review, however, your focus will be on Read more…

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